Current Project:
Several people have asked me for an update on when a new book is coming out. Well, I have a couple of answers to that.

First, over the last three + years I have been working on a research project that itself took over a year, but once I completed that I thought I had the makings of a story there and spent the next year writing that manuscript. I thought that book had the importance to be mainstream and started pitching agents hoping to land one to help me get this work out there. Yes, I know the pain and suffering, of sending queries out, and why anyone would ever want to do that anymore, but here I am, go figure. However, my first pass ended quickly because my word count was way over the accepted limit. After discussions with my editor, I spent the next three months paring that manuscript down to an acceptable word count, passed it by my editor and started all over, which I have spent the last year pitching, over 180 queries sent out, with no success so far. Should that venture prove unsuccessful, I will pursue other avenues to get this work into print.

Secondly, I have re-imagined an older work that I intend on getting out soon, hopefully first quarter 2020, depending on my editor's schedule and logistics.

Lastly, I have been polishing and pitching stories from my package of 'shorts'Ě throughout the year to keep perfecting my writing.

So, no real answer yet, but I am working on a couple of things, hopefully soon.

Thanks again for your patience and support over the years.


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