About Don Meyer

Don MeyerAn early writing career got started back in Chicago, with the creation of a Vietnam Memoir, which had been pounded out on an old black Royal manual typewriter and a very rough draft of a novel, on a Brother portable electric correcting typewriter. However, the years slipped by and some twenty years later these 20lb bond, slightly yellow typewritten pages were retrieved from their respective boxes and “keyed” into a computer just to have a copy.

Eight books so far, The Vietnam Memoir, and seven novels (although the trilogy is no longer in production), with another work on the horizon. There are also several “shorts” making the rounds that he hopes will land somewhere. Along the way Don spent two years as an agent (actually the purveyor of the slush pile), did a summer internship at a major chain bookstore, several presentations, studied the ins and outs of this here “book business,” and spoke about his passion to anyone who would listen (a passion his late wife called his nice little hobby). These days Don is content to just sit quietly and write, but a simple nudge and he’ll gladly tell what he knows, or thinks he knows.




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