The Kittridge Manuscript
Recent widower Jeff Morgan never expected the treasure he would find after receiving a call from an attorney informing him that a fellow soldier from his Vietnam days has died. His old combat buddy willed Morgan a project--a manuscript containing details about a Civil War event. It was the soldier’s dying wish that Morgan complete the manuscript.

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the American War
In the summer of 1969 elements of the 101st Airborne went back to the A Shau Valley in South Vietnam.

In the summer of 1864 the 10th Vermont, part of General Ricketts Third Division, marched into the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Sam Kensington Was There At Both Campaigns.

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Jennifer's Plan
Jennifer Cerriety was the victim of a heinous crime, in a place where the perpetrators were the law. With no hope of justice, she had another thought. Someone once told her that the only thing sweeter than revenge was retribution and Jennifer had a plan.


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Season of the Ghost
"That's the rub, Pete. What the hell else am I suppose to believe? Look at the simple facts. This ghost appears... well, next thing you know, a couple of kids are found naked, dead and frozen solid.”

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The Protected Will Never Know
A Vietnam memoir...

10th Anniversary Edition
- ereader edition


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