POD'd The How to Guide
...and conversely why you shouldn't.

"I must admit I originally had a problem with the title. If you're telling me how to do it then why are you saying I shouldn't? I almost passed this over, but then after looking at the sample, I decided to buy the book. Meyer takes you on a journey through the steps of putting your book out this way and what is involved along the way. He pulls no punches telling you what to expect. While I was informed, I felt that the flow was conversational in tone. I especially liked seeing all those terms (maybe too many). Lastly, while I still think the title is misleading, after reading through the guide I see why Meyer says that. Once you have digested everything involved you just might want to pass on this option. He isn't really saying you shouldn't do it, just that once you understand all you have to do, you may think twice about jumping in. Overall I thought Meyer did a decent job laying out the process. I would recommend this as a workbook to peruse before you do or don't "jump in.""

Reviewed by Joey Tito - Member of The Society of Midland Authors
"One of the oldest, most prestigious literary societies in the United States"

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